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EUC/VGUC/GUC Sbish snapless (10)...most are stain free, but a few have some very faint, sun-able stains on inserts only...all diapers are stain free & have been RLRed & ecover soaked...each diaper comes with a pin...also will receive 2 snappis, one large squash obf doubler, & 6 soakers made from Sbish flats... $175 ppd

*EUC: 1 Island, 1 Charlie Delta, 1 Key West, 1 Ninja @ $19 ppd ea.
*GUC: 3-natural @ $16 ppd ea.
*VGUC: 1 squash, 1 sprout, 1 mocha swirl @ $18 ppd ea.
*6 soakers, 1 obf doubler, & 2 snappis for $10 ppd

Here are the colors in order from L to R/top to bottom: Island, Charlie Delta, Key West, Ninja, Squash, Jack Frost, Lemon, Sprout, 3 Natural (the natural are the ones I consider GUC-they are the oldest & have been used the most as I bought them used), Gemstone & Mocha Swirl. (NOT AVAILABLE: Jack Frost, Lemon & Gemstone.)

Deanna ...Wife & SAHMommy to DH, States, DD, Garett 2/14/95, DS 1, Levi 7/22/10, & DS 2, SJ 8/5/13

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