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Re: Is it mastitis??

it could be the start of mastitis, or it could just be a clogged duct. a clogged duct will quickly turn into mastitis though if not treated. i'm prone to mastitis and get it repeatedly in the early weeks of bfing. lots of fluid, lots of rest, and nursing the baby often usually clears it up for me. warm compresses help, as well as nursing in several different positions to fully empty all areas of the breast. even if i have a fever, this is my routine, and it usually clears it up quickly. i've only had to go on antibiotics once. and it's because i never did develop a fever and so let it go way too long thinking you couldn't have mastitis without a fever. not true, it was very bad. if in 4 or 5 days you haven't cleared it up,fever or no, i'd start looking around for a dr, just to make sure.

cabbage leaves can help. but be careful, they'll dry you up pretty quick and you don't want that. i only used them while weaning my ds, and it dried me up in a couple days.
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