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Re: Nursing when baby has a cold

Originally Posted by Sarah-B View Post
Get this nose frida
It is amazing. DH didn't think it worked so he did the bulb syringe first and got nothing out of our daughter nose and Then immediately afterward I used the nose frida and literally got so much snot out.
DH and I were amazed!!! Dd was back to nursing through her cold but could finally breathe yay!
this. the nose frida is AWESOME. the bulb syringes we've had have always been useless. i've never been able to really suck anything out with them. i usually do the nose frida just a couple times a day, the first few nursing sessions, and she breathes better the whole rest of the day! sometimes if she's having trouble later on, i'll do it again, but i usually don't need to.

with ds, we didn't have one. i tried the bulb syringe, but literally nothing came out, ever. we just sort of had to muddle through. do the usual things, humidifier, steamy shower, etc. it helps to get things flowing and they'll breath easier. best is a steamy shower, followed by the nose frida. oh my word. so much snot in one tiny baby. but she was so happy afterwards and you could barely tell she had a cold the rest of that day it cleared her out so well
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