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Re: Latch Issue

This is probably a silly question, but are her teeth actually poking through the gums? I only ask because I'm wondering if it is truly her teeth that are bothering you. I find it so hard to pinpoint what the problem is and find myself trying to figure out what is actually going on inside there once they latch on. I wish their cheeks were clear sometimes. But, my point is, I'm wondering if it could be something other than her yeast. I've had that only one side and then it spread to the other eventually.

If it is definitely teeth, are you trying different holds/positions? If you always use the same hold, then the same spot is being irritated over and over. If you vary the position, at least it will be different for each feed. So, I'd try to alternate between like cradle/cross cradle, football, side-lying, and even sitting straight up if she can do that. I'd get creative with the position to vary the point of irritation and try to prevent an actual sore.

One other thought: I don't like them and don't think I've ever suggested one before, but how about a nipple shield to protect it? If I couldn't fix the problem, I'd probably just try to protect my nip from damage and an open sore which are SOOOOO painful.

I definitely understand how you feel with the one side struggle. My left is like that. I have 6 kids including 2 sets of twins. It was very clear right from my first son that my left was slightly different. In my case, for some reason the nipple was flatter than the other and just hard to latch them onto. It has always been much more prone to being sore and painful. It's always been a big frustration for both me and my children. All of my kids preferred the right...till now. I'm on my 6th baby. He's 4wks old. I realized about a week ago, that my nipple on that side has changed. It isn't nearly as flat as it was when I started out with the first (or with the other kids either). Over time and lots of nursing, it's come out. It still isn't as comfortable as the right side, but I don't have any trouble latching this baby to that breast and he doesn't have the preference that the previous babies all did. So, there is hope that it will change if you keep having kids.

Hang in there. I hope you find some relief.
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