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Potty Strike Help

Hi, I need Help
We started EC at about 2 months part time now he is almost 8 months and seems distracted on the potty and sometime wont even sit on it, or if he does tries to crawl off it. But we were still able to catch almost all the poops until last October I had a 2 day drill(Military) and DS and DH came with But we forgot the potty and DS went in his diaper at the end of the weekend. its been a few weeks and I have only caught one pee and poo, I don't know what to do. I feel as if he is on strike and I'm about to give up.

When I put him on the potty and nothing even for up to 15 min (sometimes in front of the tv) but then put in a diaper and Bam he goes its almost instant , idk what to do ... before the 'strike' I changed only 3 poopie diaper in 2 months and pees in between diaper changes.

Please help US

maybe I should start over with diaper free time and relearn the cues, because the one he used before are no longer there.

PS: I go to college full time so that why we EC part time idk if that helps or not
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