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Originally Posted by luvsviola
I live just outside of Zionsville, Indiana. It is a long, politically corrupt story, that ended in our water company (that only did our neighborhood) being broken up and sold to the highest bidder. The neighboring town (Whitestown--who already had fairly expensive water) that bought our area paid 3 times what it was worth (highest bidder, so the court let them do it), then had to run lines from the next town over to service about 300 homes. Another big development with 1000 homes was supposed to be built, which would have shouldered some of the cost. But, economy tanked, it wasn't built, and we are left to cover the bonds they took out.

So, in the end, we got screwed. Houses 5 miles from us pay about $40 a month. We pay $150-175. It also killed property values in the neighborhood because no nobody wants to move here. For $120 extra a month, we could have financed building a basement when we built our home!
. That stinks!!
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