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Originally Posted by ashliemh
Question of the week: What do you love about your spouse, significant other, partner?

Answer: For me there are lots of things to love about the hubby, but one thing that he does every day that is really appreciate is that he cleans up after dinner. When we got married we made a deal that I would do the cooking and he would do the dishes, put away food, wipe up the table etc. after dinner And he has stuck to it! It is so nice after dinner to just sit at the table and chat with him while he cleans up

Hope everyone is having a great day!
My DH and I have the same deal and it IS great!

I don't think I could pick just one thing about my DH as my favorite. In general, though, he truly is my best friend ahead of anything else. We spent tons of time together before getting very physical and I am incredibly grateful that we did.
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