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Re: Pregnant after TTC while Breastfeeding! *April-May*

This is REALLY long (sorry y'all!)

So, I didn't actually see my doc today. I was supposed to see him for the ultrasound and to go over the test results (DH's karyotype and my own first trimester blood screening tests, etc) and to discuss my upcoming cerclage. However, my doc has Monday morning meetings in SD (30 mins south of the clinic location where I was sent) and the meeting ran way over and he didn't make it up to Encinitas in time for my appointment. They promised that he'd call me if my test results were problematic---and that he'll be at my next appointment on the 26th. He'd better be!

Thank GOD I figured out how to get rid of that yeast infection (my FIRST. OMG---they are AWFUL!) with probiotics only (yay being natural!) and didn't need a damn prescription. And I was REALLY wanting my questions about my cerclage answered (I have a list!)---and to talk to him about doing the cerclage prophylactically instead of waiting on my cervix to change (he said this was an option, but was leaning toward wait and see and the more research I did, the more that made me nervous). So, I really was looking forward to TALKING to my doc since I hadn't seen him in FIVE weeks. If I don't get a call from his office this week, I'm going to call and make SURE he will be at my next appointment (I scheduled it for later in the day so he SHOULD be out of the meeting). If he's not, I'll be waiting in office to see him, even if it is only for 5 mins. My next apointment I'll be just shy of 14 weeks and I'd like my cerclage to be placed 14-16 weeks.

NOW for what did happen at the appointment, which was JUST an ultrasound:
We, of course, saw baby. And, despite my worries and fears, we found baby to be growing and wiggling and moving around like a pro Baby's heart rate was a perfect 160ish beats per minute and baby was measuring an amazing FOUR DAYS over. Considering baby measured ONE day over at 7 weeks, I'd say baby is growing along just perfectly. Smidget swears baby is a big huge baby (or will be), so maybe baby is just listening to Big Brother and growing fast. He tells baby to grow up big and strong and come play with him EVERY day, so it must be working at least a little

As for my cervix, its 4.4cm (a good healthy long cervix. at 20 weeks it was 2.9cm with Smidget---more proof to me that I've had IC all along [either prior to or as a result of my cone biopsy] and only the scar tissue held my cervix closed to deliver him at full term), my cervix tightly closed, with NO signs of funneling!!! Gives us a good "pre" measure to compare back to later on in pregnancy---that's VITAL and gives me a little bit of breathing room. Not that I'm not still taking it easy, but I know that my current activity level (no lifting!) and such are doing the job! Woot!

As for baby, well, baby is stubborn and really really doesn't like the ultrasound wand---and I now have ZERO doubt that what I've been feeling IS BABY because baby was giving hell to the ultrasound wand today and I got to watch all those kicks and thumps and bumps as I felt them. The tech even said it had to be baby! And baby has been going nuts in there ever since too. One of the kicks at the appointment was so hard it made me JUMP. I didn't know they could give full on KICKS that early. This is one strong little fighter baby working away in there! And oh soooo active. In fact, baby was curled up in a ball so tight when she started scanning and as soon as she pushed down a little with the wand to get a clearer pic, baby JUMPED and bounced off the wall and started doing the cha-cha. From then on out, EVERY time she'd get the angle she needed to get a good shot (mostly the nuchal fold) baby would roll or turn so she'd have to readjust---then she would get it again and baby would wiggle around so much she couldn't get a clear picture. It was HILARIOUS. And I've never seen a baby contort into such a tight ball or wiggle so much at 11 weeks. I had an ultrasound with Smidget at about the same gestation and it was so different---and he was really active too!

This kid is STRONG though---surprised me how early I started feeling that "um, I don't think that was a gas bubble" (8weeks) or "oh no, that's definitely not gas" (9.5 weeks) to daily movements at least once or twice a day (10.5-11 weeks), to a full on KICK (11w5d). This kid is fighting hard. I know there are some skeptics out there who are going to think I'm nuts, but I am just as amazed as most people that this is happening so soon! Okay, maybe not since I felt Smidget at 9 weeks (first flutter) and then nothing til about 11 weeks when I started getting flutters more often, then a full kick at 16 weeks...first flutters at 9 weeks and first kick at 14 weeks with this baby. So, I know I'm really sensitive to uterine wiggles than most (after analyzing EVERYTHING my body does through 8 pregnancies, I've got it down to an art!)---add in that this baby's placenta is perfectly positioned exactly in the back of the uterus (woohoo! No placenta previa like i had with Smidget!), it puts baby more toward the front of the uterus where I can feel more. God is cutting me a few breaks at least!

So, that's it in a nutshell---growing belly, bumps and kicks, and gorgeous perfect baby pictures. Pretty awesome day

FIRST--blurry cell phone pic of me just before walking out the door to my appointment.

Next---gorgeous baby with cute little open mouth and an adorable nose.

My dummy-proofed pic (my mom can never tell what anything is, haha)

Cute little frontal face shot:

Legs and butt (look at those chubby little legs! I like my babies fat ) And those look like some big ol' feet down there at the bottom. You can only see the heels, but they're pretty big! Both my boys had HUGE feet---wonder if a girl would have huge feet too? I have little feet!

And here's one causing controversy on my FB---is that a nub (google "nub theory" if you don't know what I"m talking about)? Is the nub pointing down? Down means girl. The placenta test is no help (its been directly in the back from the beginning), so I'm curious as to whether this is a true nub shot or not since I've never seen one before---And I wouldn't have this one if I hadn't taken a pic of what was left on the screen when the tech left the room just because it was clearer on screen than in the printouts and I wanted a good shot

And, finally, baby touching his/her face:

And the cutest big brother on the planet snuggling mama (this is just about the time my awful sleep last night caught up to me and I passed out on the couch for two hours)---

Such a good day
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