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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

poor miss purdy. I thought Norah was gonna tear my arm off when I checked under her today, my GOODNESS that girl was pissed! LOL

I got 13 eggs today!!! That means only one hen hasn't laid and I'm really not sure which one anymore! I'm guessing maybe hazel since she's a week younger than all the other baby girls. Guess I can't call them the baby girls anymore.. snif sniff.

Other news, I know I probably shouldn't handle them this much but I was freaked out since Sarah's egg-splosion and didn't want a mess in my incubator and candled the eggs again. GOOD news! This am I did determine that one of the six eggs was infertile, and I did an egg-topsy to confirm that and tossed it. Of the remaining 5, all 5 are fertile with developing embryos. The egg that I thought might be a twin egg has one embryo in it that I can clearly see, The other side of the egg is much too dark to tell if there is in fact a second yolk or if this baby just has one huge yolk. It is rather big for dates, it's on track, maybe even a bit bigger than the other babies that went in the bator the day before it. So only time will tell but now I can relax, I don't have any time bombs in my incubator and it looks like we have 5 healthy babies thus far. Any prayers for a healthy, normal hatch for my little ones would be much appreciated. I'm so nervous!
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