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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
poor miss purdy. I thought Norah was gonna tear my arm off when I checked under her today, my GOODNESS that girl was pissed! LOL
hehe, she snarles like a coon! I actually though one was in there a cpl months back. She's so voval! I remember you said you had some funny ones too. Like that room cleared out!
I got 13 eggs today!!! That means only one hen hasn't laid and I'm really not sure which one anymore! I'm guessing maybe hazel since she's a week younger than all the other baby girls. Guess I can't call them the baby girls anymore.. snif sniff.
No Way!!! So cool Liz! Man your rollin in the eggs now, hehehe.
Other news, I know I probably shouldn't handle them this much but I was freaked out since Sarah's egg-splosion and didn't want a mess in my incubator and candled the eggs again. GOOD news! This am I did determine that one of the six eggs was infertile, and I did an egg-topsy to confirm that and tossed it. Of the remaining 5, all 5 are fertile with developing embryos. The egg that I thought might be a twin egg has one embryo in it that I can clearly see, The other side of the egg is much too dark to tell if there is in fact a second yolk or if this baby just has one huge yolk. It is rather big for dates, it's on track, maybe even a bit bigger than the other babies that went in the bator the day before it. So only time will tell but now I can relax, I don't have any time bombs in my incubator and it looks like we have 5 healthy babies thus far. Any prayers for a healthy, normal hatch for my little ones would be much appreciated. I'm so nervous!
Whew, great news. Don't wanna freak you out or anything but, mine eggsplosion was a halfway or further along quitter. I was trying to pip an air hole because it hadn't hatched and I figured it had died. Dam^ thing exploded in my hand, on me, the room, the ruggs. uck: Not to mention I bout fell over with a heat attack. It was like a firecracker, boom. I really almost peepee's myself. The smell was all through the place. I had read several warnings about eggs doing this in the bator if fails were not removed. Never knew it could happen so late. I'm so scared to do eggtopsies not. haha, gunshy so to say. The worst part was I was leaning down to be certian I was only pearcing the shell at the air sac. Ihave actually had quite a few where i found alive like this!

Just keep chicking every 3 days or so making sure they are developing. When they stop, it will start to look like a hazey cloud in half the egg, when you turn it, you see it all just kinda moves too much or slashes, sometimes mixes. Danger if you see thta. I'm totally on eggshells with the dark eggs though! I can't see!
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