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Re: When did you stay home?

Ive been having this very discussion with DH. Our #3 is due in June. I work part time right now, dont have set hours....its just whenever they need me. DH is just not getting it that Every now and then care is kind of expensive for 3 kids. Plus, my odd is starting kindy this fall and will have to either go to an afterschool program (which forces me to work in order to pay for it) or I will have to pick her up (which I cant do with my current schedule).

DH doesnt want me to leave work because he doesnt like "not having any options"
He doesnt seem to get that such a haphazard and irregular childcare arrangement would be confusing for the girls, not to mention unaffordable. He thinks switching things up every now and then is good for them. His solution was for me to work weekend nights at the hospital. (So I would miss family time and probably also miss sleeping because he would constantly be waking me up for stupid stuff like Hey babe where is the ketchup?).

Could yall please pray that he sees the light about what a bad idea it is for me to be a wohm at this time? I am just not getting through to him.
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