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Re: Does your insurance charge seperate deductible for baby at birth?

Originally Posted by lilg82882 View Post
I work at an insurance company. Obviously I can't speak for all companies but at mine as long as baby goes home with mom it all gets billed under mom and her deductible. But if baby has to stay then it gets charged under baby an applies to baby's deductible. Or in the case of no deductible you pay one inpatient copay unless baby stays longer than you each pay one.
A previous poster mentioned that her deductible covered baby's room and board, but not the pediatrician, hearing test, etc. Does your company work that way, or does the whole stay get covered under mom?

I actually work in a hospital and sit near the insurance verification I hear them say baby is covered under mom's policy for 30 days in most cases...but I never really though that meant you didn't have to pay seperately for baby. It woudl be such a releif if that happened!
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