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Re: the "i told you so" parenting moments

I don't want to start a debate about cry it out or Ferber. But when I was a new mom I was not going to do cry it out. My friend has a baby a few months older than mine and around 6 months or older she started doing cry it out. I thought, "I'll never do that" and guess what, around 6 months I started doing the Ferber method. Worked great. Another friend of both of ours said, "I'll never let my baby cry to sleep". My other friend said, "We'll see". Well, guess what, she's now asking advice about getting him to sleep, lol. Yes, I'm against letting young babies cry and against letting your baby cry for hours on end, but I'm totally fine with a bit of crying. I did give the friend advice both ways and recommended the No Cry Sleep solution as well. I'm all for parents doing what's best for them, what works with one baby doesn't necessarily work with another, but never say never
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