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Re: the "i told you so" parenting moments

My cousin won't discipline her kid b/c she is "scared to hurt his feelings" so he runs around hitting (like TRYING to hurt you) people, stealing their food right out of their hands, taking toys from other little kids, kicking, biting, shoving, etc. He's really violent, and she doesn't time out or spank or scold. She says in this very sweet voice, "Now son, that's not nice!" And then he whacks her in the head with a toy, and she says calmly, "owwwie! That hurt mommy " And he angrily hits her again across the face, so she walks away. ... that's her way of dealing with him. NOT.JOKING.

I have tried to warn her that if she doesn't do something NOW (he is just 3) he will be a real handful when he gets bigger.

We'll see how her method works out, but I am totally seeing an "I TOLD YOU SO!" moment when she ends up with a black eye or bloody lip from her outrageous 10 yr old who hit her.
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