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Re: VETERANS DAY! KAL 11/11-11/17 Knit to a goal!

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
I found you guys I follow mostly specific boards (food, knitting, crafting, duh!) so you guys probably got a gazillion notices that I followed individual boards.
Got my notice about you following me. I'm now following a bunch of you ladies. I rarely go on pinterest, compared to daily with DS There are some neat knitting tips and fun crafting/kids ideas that I love though.

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081 View Post
I'm up. My tummy hurts
Ouchi! Hope your belly feels better soon.

Originally Posted by MrsStripe View Post
This bug is nasty. It lets you get a half an hour or so of rest or sleep then tears you up again. #1 is currently fighting with it and I think DH is somehow willing himself not to get sick right now. He may be down tomorrow. After12 hours in bed I'm finally starting to feel better and can't sleep. But not brave enough to try food either.
Yucky! Feel better soon! Being sick stinks, esp. when you're pregnant.

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn View Post
Good morning! I have an appointment in an hour. I get to drink the nasty glucose test! Yum yum!
Yay, you! j/k. FX the nasty syrup stays down and you pass the test. So far no call for me and no call is a good call.

Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
Trying to decide what to do about my job.
If someone will key my car in broad daylight, what will they do to me at 11'O clock at night? You press a big red button to open the front door from the outside and there's no alert on the inside that someone's coming in. There's no outside lighting or security cameras.
I asked to transfer but that's unlikely. I told my director that if I couldn't be transferred that I would put in my notice. C says I should "give them another chance" but they're not even wanting to talk about it really much less do anything to ensure my safety.
That sucks so much! Sorry you're being targeted. Can't believe people are so awful.

Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
Work tried to give me the run around saying you have to be there 6 months to transfer, but I called the administrator and he's going to allow it due to the situation. Now he just has to see if somewhere else has an open position but he thinks they will. I'm off tonight unless they can't cover the shift.
Glad you got some good news. Will be praying that you get an even better location and staff and your next site. Hope you get the night off to sit n spin and knit.

Originally Posted by LadybugMonkey View Post
Sorry about the work situation Dani. That sounds scary!

I'm home with the flu today. I tried to get DH a Nexus 4 for his birthday but it crashed on the final screen and then was sold out. If anyone willing to go to t-mobile for me tomorrow and try to get one for me I would pay for the phone and all the shipping and send you yarn for your trouble.

Feel better too! Lots of sickies going around our KAL. We have Verizon, sorry. Hope someone can help yah.

Started the pattern section of the zuzu and its not so bad...just takes a lot of my concentration and counting. Hope to share a WIP or FO soon
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