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Re: C-section ?s

First off.... I'm sorry that you're having to worry about this Mama! I have had 2 c-sections (1 failed induction/failure to progress post dates, 1 went into labour on my own and failed to progress with some scary pains along my previous incision ~ this one was 3 months ago... so still fresh). I will hopefully be able to shed some light based on MY experiences.

1) How soon before I can hold my baby? Baby comes out in the OR and typically goes to the nursery with DH or whomever is your birth partner while you are closed up/cleaned up. You go to the recovery area for about an hour or so. They just typically wait until you stop shaking as a result of the anesthetic wearing off, and when you feel your extremities again. You can ask your OB/hospital to have DH and baby stay with you. Some places allow it, some don't. It also depends on what other surgeries are happening as sometimes patients (not neccessarily you) are combative or require lots of attention post surgery and adding baby on top of that isn't the easiest for the recovery nurses

2) How does the csxn affect breastfeeding? How soon can I breastfeed? I've dealt with oversupply with my other two, but I've heard planned csxns often struggle with supply? I also have an oversupply and have had c-sections with both births. However, I was induced/went into labour on my own. If you are concerned about this, address it with your OB. Perhaps they can induce you to prepare your body for labour/breastfeeding and still do a c-section. Alternatively perhaps you could wait for labour to start on its own and do a c-section.

3)With my vaginal births I never took anything other than motrin...obviously I'll likely be needing something stronger this time around. How has this affected your LOs when breastfeeding? I had some sort of suppository inserted for the first day and a half while in hospital (no effect). Then took tylenol 3's until going home where I switched to Tylenol/Ibuprofen alternating. Also with no effect. Baby can be a little sleepier than usual.

4)How soon before usually before you're in a postpartum room typically? About an hour to an hour and a half depending on your recovery time

5)I desperately want to be able to see my other 2 girls that afternoon/evening. They are 4 and DD2 will be 21 months when I have this LO...I don't want to traumatize them either...will it be appropriate for them to visit? Absolutely! You will still have your IV/catheter in most likely so as long as they are prepared to see that, and know to be gentle on the bed/with your belly and the baby it shouldn't be an issue. Especially if you are scheduled for an early morning surgery.

6)I'm assuming I'll need someone with me the first night especially if I want to keep baby with me, but I prefer DH to go home with the others kiddos to try and keep things as normal as possible. Will I need someone after the first night with minimal help from the nurses or would I even be able to keep baby with me? You should be able to keep baby with you. I know I had one nurse that wanted to take her away to "let me rest" when DH was at home but my midwife put her in her place. You can insist that baby stay with you at all times and if you need help picking her up for feedings/snuggling that you will ring for the nurse to assist.

7)How awful is it going home...especially with older kiddos (DD1 is 4 and fairly independent, but super active...and sassy. DD2 again will be 21 mos., and she's super attached to me now). I've told DH that he needs to take at least 2 weeks off of work. Will that be enough? Getting others to help is kind of a pain b/c my MIL is super sweet, but drives me nuts so she's only helpful in small doses, my mom usually watches my sister's kids (and not really well) so I end up with 4 kids tearing my house apart instead of just my own 2, and most of my close friends also have kids so I really don't want to burden again some of them it ends up being more like a circus than any help with the addition of their kids.Your 4 year old should be fine since she has already gone through this. Your 21 month old may be a little jealous and a little less obedient. You will need help for sure. I had DH for a week and it wasn't enough. He "forgot" to ask for the next week and they expected him back right away. I hear ya on the MIL issue, DH's help should be enough and you will likely be feeling pretty much back to normal enough to be alone with the kiddos after the 2nd week.

Lastly, what kind of things will I need/make thigns easier in the hospital and at home. Can anyone reccomend an abdominal binder? If you've used one did it seem to help? I would definitely bring extra pillows for yourself, comfy clothes that are easy to nurse in. Maybe a comfy skirt so that you can get out of the god awful hospital gowns. You will have lots of inspections of your lady bits/incision so something accessible would be good. A good nursing pillow. Make arrangements for a pump at the hospital in case you do have issues BFing right away. For home, set up an area in the living room and your bedroom that will be stocked with everything you could possibly need in case nobody is around and you are having trouble moving around. People to bring food or have some freezer meals prepared or lots of takeout menus because you will not have the energy to cook (let alone the time to do it).

Good luck with the new baby! I'm sure you will do great

Ughh thinking about this is giving me anxiety.[/QUOTE]
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