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Originally Posted by Shimpie
I'm only speaking from personal experience with my DD's awful teething. I never found a good alternative to pain relievers. Teethers were either short lived, or no good at all. Worst of all, teethers didn't work at night. All the Hylands products were useless. Amber had no effect. I still feel bad that DD had to suffer to through what accumulated to weeks of teething pain while we tried out different products. DD would wake up screaming in middle of the night. I ended up giving her ibuprofen at night because it lasted longer than tylenol. I rarely gave anything during the day and if I did, I administered tylenol so that I could alternate between the two meds. Most of her teething pain only lasted a few days, a week at most. Once the teething pain was over, I put the meds away until the next teething bout, usually two months down the road.

Hopefully, your DD's pain is short lived.
Shimpie, thank you for responding.

Unfortunately, she's been like this for the past week or two and going strong. I really hope it ends soon. I feel so bad for her.
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