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Re: Teething Nightmare

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Have you tried a damp washcloth put in the freezer? The roughness, cold, and counterpressure were a great combo for us.
yup, I've heard of that.

You can also freeze fruit and put it in the mesh feeder bag thing and let them gnaw on that. They love it.

I would tell you not to use the Orajel too much, b/c it actually hardens their gums and makes it take longer for the teeth to erupt. So they get momentary relief, but it extends their overall suffering.

Bibs with the vinyl backing help save you from washing a million shirts everyday.

I know teething is rough. You'll make it mama.

ETA: personally, I tried all the methods to help ease pain during waking hours. As soon as bed time hit, I gave a dose of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen along with dinner, in the hopes that they would be comfortable enough to sleep longer. I felt better that way b/c they weren't constantly using it, but only using it at night. Plus I felt like the sleep helped them cope, and somehow made it go by quicker.

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