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What's up with my chart?

I was excited yesterday because AF was due today (10dpo) and then I could continue hormone testing and start Clomid. FF crosshaired my -o- date on Nov 2 (CD 20) and with a LP of 8 to 10 days, today was the max out for AF to begin. (the white circles/off temp times on the last half of my chart are from daylight savings).

Well... when I entered my temp this morning the crosshairs disappeared and now FF shows that I have not yet ovulated this cycle now. I'm so... idk... sad? disappointed? Let down?

After my appointment yesterday I was looking forward to what the next cycle or two was about to bring for us, and now I just feel like I'm going to be waiting forever. Without having -o-ed- yet this cycle, an no temp drop yet, it will be at least 11 days before my next cycle starting, and we aren't testing my progesterone until CD25 of my next cycle.

I just needed to vent somewhere...
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