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Blech about the OB, Anya! I just don't get how some docs can be so ridiculous. It seems like they go overboard with the more "natural" moms, as if scaring them will somehow make them change their minds. So dumb!

I've been going to the same OB practice since getting pregnant with my first. Some are more crunchy than others, but every one has respected my wishes. I got all sorts of positive vibes from everyone when I declared my intent to VBAC, and everyone (hossy staff included) was legitimately PSYCHED when I did it!

I totally get the desire to have MW, but thank goodness that some docs are reasonable. I'd lose my mind if I had a doc like the one you saw, Anya! I was frustrated about my first birth ending as a section (posterior baby wasn't budging after 2 hrs of pushing), but stuck with my OBs since they could actually do VBACs at an awesome hospital. The midwives/birth center in my area are 45 min away, and the hospital that I'd have to transfer to if things got difficult would automatically section me for legal reasons. Not, I guess we could start complaining about how obnoxious hospitals and rules are, too! If I didn't live so far away from hospitals, I'd totally consider homebirth.
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