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SNS? + How to boost a low supply?

[re-posting from FF supoort forum]

I have a starter SNS system (Medela, $15 off Amazon) and I'm trying to reach my goal of using it 3-4 times daily at the least. My life is hectic (two-year old, 6 week underweight newborn, and some other stuff). If this works I'd like to increase the frequency of use.

My issue is low supply. Had it with DD1mnd now again with the new baby. So we mostly formula feed, but my ideal would be mixed feeding- both formula and nursing, at least until my newborn is 6ish months or so.

Anyhow....question is, does this thing work? Now I have a very simple, small, basic one and we've got it to work.

But can this actually help increase my supply? Anyone here ever used it for that purpose? Any tips or help at all would be appreciated!!
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