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Re: Denied Prenatal Care?

Originally Posted by Leiiki View Post
I went in for my first OB appointment today. When I told him my goal was a HBAC, he said he cannot provide prenatal care at all unless I agree to a hospital labor and birth. He also told me no doctor in the group will provide me with prenatal care if I plan to attempt a home birth (my insurance does cover complete prenatal care).

I was shocked to hear him say that I have only a 10% chance of ANY VBAC, let alone HBAC, and they won't even see me because I could put their practice at risk!
First off - bullsh!t on his 10% chance of a successful VBAC. I get so disgusted when I read about many OBs opinions on VBACs. Just ridiculous.

Secondly - personally, I would talk with your MW about what this OB said and see what other suggestions she has. Hopefully she'll have someone else in mind who could provide the tests or whatnot you want that would still be covered by insurance.

Good luck!
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