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Re: Well hell..what do I do now?

Well, the only potential problem with dropping our regular insurance to try and get on Medicaid is that they will request that DH's boss fill out paperwork stating whether insurance is offered to the employee and their family, and the cost. So, really...they could turn around and say "sorry, you cant get on Medicaid, because you already have the capability of being on regular insurance."

I know that at the moment, they wont put anyone on Medicare except small children or pregnant women, and even's tough.

My only other thought was to (since I still have my maiden name legally) go in and apply for just myself and Gemma. And since Im not employed, I'd probably get it. But, they'd want some type of proof of how my bills were being paid (family member, disability benefits etc...) which might get sticky.

Oh I just dont know!
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