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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of November 12th

Yay for a good beta & a good transfer!

My insurance approval for IVF came through, they'll cover my meds at the same rates that they cover my regular prescriptions. They covered the meds during IUI, too, & copays ranged from $5-20, so this is the same, but a huge relief. And they have 80/20 coverage for the IVF itself. The only things they don't cover are storage (for any frozen embryos) & assisted hatching (which my RE does normally). So there will be fees, but this is just such a huge relief.

So what do I need to know next? I'm planning to call & talk to the nurses tomorrow to get an idea from them, but I thought I might get some different insights here. Like, can I just go straight into an IVF cycle @ CD1? I had all the testing for the IUIs, so I don't have to wait for that. For those of you who have done medicated IUI & IVF, did your doctor keep you on the same meds? What do you wish you'd known prior to doing IVF?
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