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Re: Latch Issue

thanks for the response it's most definitely her tooth. i can feel it with my finger. and if she latches on wrong on the preferred side, it hurts, but then i can take her off and re-latch and we're generally good. i'm trying to change up positions so as to keep from having an open sore, and so far that's been successful. but it still hurts no matter what position i use. i've always wondered if that side, because it's a bigger producer, is either bigger/fuller and therefore harder to latch (i do have to express some on that side if i get really engorged when they're newbies cause they can't latch) or if i maybe have a really strong let-down or something and it bothers them? i dunno. it doesn't seem particularly flat, at least not after the first latch. but maybe it is in a way that is not noticeable to me, but is noticeable to my babies? who knows. anyways, good to know i'm not alone.

i don't really want to have to start using a nipple shield. i've never used one, and it seems unnecessarily fussy to me when i'm so used to the ease of "pull out boob, pop on baby" you know? but i mean, you're right, it's certainly a better option than having to continue until i have open sores on my nipple. we'll see. now that we're into the work week, i only get to nurse her twice a day anyways, and i pump the rest of the time. so that is giving me a bit of a break. i'm hoping that maybe with a few more weeks' practice, she'll figure it out.
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