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Re: the "i told you so" parenting moments

When my nephew was about 3, SIL decided to do a super restrictive diet. There were about 6 items he was allowed to eat, and he ate pretty much the exact same meals every day. He would constantly stare at people while they ate and and beg for food. She had some very extreme views about nutrition and what is good for the brain, as well as using food to control his behavior without any behavior modification. I wanted to give that boy food soooo badly and tried to help her realize it wasn't realistic for him to be around people and not eat the food they eat. Fast forward a few years, and he'll puke any time he eats one of the approved foods, she's had to relax quite a bit. And without treating any of his mildly autistic symptoms, his behaviors have become extremely explosive and volatile... she's asking me for books and advice to deal with his emotional regulation - wish she'd worked on these problems years ago but better late than never.
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