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please delete

Not bothering with selling anymore- Will relist when I decide to sell again.

Fine Print: Washed in Tide, Dog and Cat home but did my best to keep them away from the diapers (except for when they were on the kid). All prices are PPD. I will ship every few days though paypal if I can figure it out. If you are looking at multiple kinds of diapers I will discount, MMAO. Here is my add with all my diapers for sale. I don't sun, no time, lots of wind and a good sunny day is rare when I live.

2 best bottom overnight inserts size large $10

5 fuzzibunz? Microfiber inserts. $5 for all, $4 with other purchase
2 Whiter microfibers inserts at left end of pic. Possible Kawaii brand? $2.00 for both

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