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Sold Locally

Sold Locally, Delete Add

Fine Print: Washed in Tide, Dog and Cat home but did my best to keep them away from the diapers (except for when they were on the kid). All prices are PPD. I will ship every few days though paypal if I can figure it out. If you are looking at multiple kinds of diapers I will discount, MMAO. Here is my add with all my diapers for sale. I don't sun, no time, lots of wind and a good sunny day is rare when I live.

BumGenius 2.0 OS – 2 Butternut, elastic decent, front strip worn more on one that the other. Both work as is. $8 for the pair, Another $0.50 will get you OS inserts and NB inserts if still available/requested.

BumGenius 3.0 OS – 4 White, 4 Butternut, 4 Grasshopper, 2 Twilight, 1 Moonbeam, 1 Clemintine. Aplix sticks but is curly and laundry tabs are bad/don’t work, elastic relaxed on legs but still contains, back elastic relaxed to shot. Front panels on some are pilly, a couple look fine. $7 each –must buy 4 or more. $0.25 for OS insert, 1st to ask will also get available newborn inserts. (8 NB inserts and 19 OS)
Note the Butternut at the far left is wet, that is why it appears different. It also appears to have some light/white stains. $5 for this diaper
Clemintine has hole that was stitched shut. $5 for this diaper
$90 for lot of 16 3.0 diapers, 2 2.0 diapers, 8 NB inserts and 17 OS inserts

5 fuzzibunz? Microfiber inserts. $5 for all, $4 with other purchase
2 Whiter microfibers inserts at left end of pic. Possible Kawaii brand? $2.00 for both

I could do $93 for everything in the post, 18 pockets, 18 OS inserts, 8 NB inserts and 7 other inserts.

$90 for all BG stuff

$83 for all BG stuff minus 1 pocket (your choice which I keep)

$80 for all 3.0 BG and BG inserts (16 pockets, 18 18 OS inserts, 8 NB inserts)

$86 for all minus 1 pocket

Everything is ppd due to weight I will ship in large flat rate box.

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