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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Oct 29 to Nov 11

Originally Posted by twinpossible View Post
Oh I forgot my doc appt. update! We did our one time OB consult yesterday. What a pain in the ***! She kept us waiting for an hour and 15 min. then she came in and mostly read us articles off her computer. She wanted to order a level 2 ultrasound "just in case" because she said that there could be something wrong with the baby and we would need to birth at a NICU hossy instead of at home or the baby could die. (this is after we have already done a level 1 ultrasound and everything was fine) So we declined and went home. Luckily our midwife went to the appt. with us and fully supported our chioice. She is worth her weight in gold! Just reaffirmed my choice to go with a midwife and a homebirth, modern medicine has some issues!
That is ridiculous and very frustrating. I'm so glad you had you midwife there to support you! Really looking forward to hearing all about your birth as I know you are really looking forward to it.
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