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Re: Denied Prenatal Care?

The Dr could be sued very easily. By allowing you in his practice, he's accepting you in a patient-provider relationship. That comes with certain responsibilities on his part. If you go through with your HBAC and transfer to him in an emergency in labor and that emergency has an adverse outcome, you would have very strong grounds to sue, especially considering you had an established patient-provider relationship. Honestly, I wouldnt' accept you as a patient either. It's too much of a liability on my part. Further, I really think it's disrespectful. Like you trust him enough to have him provide you with prenatal care but you don't trust him enough to deliver your baby? Not only that, but by establishing that you are a homebirth patient, you're basically coming right out and saying you're going to be difficult- refusing all sorts of testing that he medically recommends, again putting him at liability. Another reason not to accept you into the practice. I"m not saying it's fun for YOU, but he's doing what he has to do to protect his practice and stay true to his principles.
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