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Originally Posted by O'sMommy:)

I get this a lot. Please don't get me wrong as I love my baby more than anything in the whole world but he's just a down right HORRIBLE baby! I get so frustrated bc literally nothing satisfies him. He cries/fusses constantly and there's really nothing that anyone can do. He's perfectly healthy and all, he's just super fussy. Anytime we're around people and he fusses, they'll suggest he's hungry or may need his diaper changed and (knowing I just did all of those things) I'll simply explain that he's just not a pleasant baby and they're like, "Yes he is but it'll get better."

He is our first and my husband and I have decided that he will be our last as neither of us feel like we can do this again. People will ask when we want another and when we explain that bc we've had such a hard time with Owen we don't want anymore it's like they're offended. They'll say, "he needs a sibling." Or "what about when you and dh are gone?" Oh and my favorite(from my grandfather): "He's GOT to have a sister!" Uhm, no! We are not having any more children. If they want him to have a sibling so bad, I welcome them to start TTC, get pregnant, carry the baby, give birth, pay the THOUSANDS of dollars in medical bills that I have piled high, and raise it then I'll take over.

Sorry for the rant. Those 2 things just get me so fired up!
Oh mama! You sound like me 5 years ago. My oldest was a horrible baby; never happy, no matter what! He's almost 6 now. At least now I can send him to his room.

I swore off more for a long time, too. (Not suggesting that you will change your mind.) When I did decide I was brave enough to try for another, my family loved to remind me of what a hard baby #1 was.

Even when I was already pregnant, and very pregnant, they would ask me if I knew what I was getting into. Really? Like there is anything I could do about it then.
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