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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

maybe she thinks because you got her home phone number, and called her at home (not during school time, either, over the summer) it was OK?

A few years ago, the class list with which kid had which teacher was posted in a school window Labor Day weekend before school started. Some very personal information regarding a medical condition one of my kids had was posted next to their name and displayed to the entire community. I googled the superintendent's (of the 20,000 student school district) phone number, and called him at home on Sunday morning, and demanded they take it down. He was very angry I called him at home, until he found out why, then the he was still very angry, but no longer at me.

This mom obviously used very poor judgement in calling you about something trivial, but I do think there should be some emergency number parents can call if something is really wrong. The school sure can get ahold of us, and several of our relatives (for "emergency contacts") when they want to!
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