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Originally Posted by holly6737
Further, I really think it's disrespectful. Like you trust him enough to have him provide you with prenatal care but you don't trust him enough to deliver your baby? Not only that, but by establishing that you are a homebirth patient, you're basically coming right out and saying you're going to be difficult- refusing all sorts of testing that he medically recommends, again putting him at liability.
If it were just a matter of him delivering my baby, it would be disrespectful - it's not. Last time, I didn't even SEE my doctor for 30 full hours, and then only for a few minutes near the end. I was stuck with a parade of residents, nurses, and students of varying attitude and skill. I was given terrible advice and pushed into intervention after intervention despite having a clear, printed birth plan. Its not that I don't want a doctor to deliver my baby, it's that I don't want a HOSPITAL to deliver my baby.
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