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Re: Denied Prenatal Care?

Originally Posted by cheezpoofs View Post
Your midwife doesn't have someone she regularly works with that she sends you to for the testing that you want? I get minimal testing (like blood only, really), so I wouldn't know the usual method when it comes to the quad screens and such, but I'm pretty sure my midwives would generally send people out to clinics and not actual OB offices....
Yep this, my midwife is about an hour away from me and sends me to labs for blood work, urine tests and ultrasounds. You can go about this two ways, one pick an OB and lie to them then "change your mind" and do a homebirth. Two, go with the midwife and have her order the tests. The bummer with the second which I can tell you from personal experience is you pay out of pocket for many of those tests. Bottom line, you are a liability to a practice and they cannot be your OB if they know you are having a home birth regardless of the history of a c-section. That is just the way our medical system is, they are always worried that you will sue.
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