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Originally Posted by Arabesque
Was his reasoning that all HBAC/VBAC cases are risky, or just yours in particular?
All HBACs; he was "open" to hospital TOL/VBAC...provided I agreed to constant fetal monitoring, IV, etc...

He said any midwife who agreed to do an HBAC was foolish and didn't know what they were getting into.

The thing that really made me not want this OB anyway was when he said that women who dilate completely but then have a CS are unlikely to ever have a vaginal birth. That's where he said 10% chance of success (even in hospital). Never mind that DD was sunny-side up and they only noticed after 24 hours (and didn't tell me what that meant or that I could/should do anything about it) - or that I was told not to eat for over 30 hours - or that they pushed pit, then an epi on me (knowing that an epi can adversely affect fetal positioning) - or that they only let me push for two hours...sorry about the rant. I know I have a wonderful little girl now, but I do still have a lot of anger and resentment over the birth experience.
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