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Re: When did you stay home?

We lived on DH's income and saved mine, from the day we got married at 21. Even when we both graduated a year later and got higher paying jobs, we lived off just his and put mine toward our house. After five years, our house was totally paid for and we had a fully funded emergency fund, and at that time we started a family.

I quit working 3 week before our oldest was born. It was the same income as always, minus a mortgage . Baby was CD and EBF, so no real expenses other than the birth (meeting the deductible). Now by the time #2 came along two years later, we had the food expenses and such of our older child but DH had also gotten raises every year.

Now we have four kids and the same has continued to happen--our expenses go up but so does his paycheck (some years less than othrs). We try to be very thrifty even though his income is now much much higher.

We also both had the world's greatest parents who funded our bachelor's degrees (with provisions) and cars (cheap, but they ran!) and pastor who would not marry us without attending Dave Ramsey FPU. Best class ever! I got to live my SAHM dream because of it
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