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Originally Posted by O'sMommy:)

It wasn't the Capri insert bc I was using Flip inserts. I'm not sure what the issue was. They were leaking out the legs for us which I found completely odd bc my son has major thunder thighs. But maybe I needed size 1 still. I'm not sure. I'm having the same issue with Thirsties AIO size 2's leaking around the legs. He's 5 months and probably weighs 16-17 lbs so I thought the size 2's in both would be appropriate. Any advise? I already got rid of the Capri covers but should I hold on to the Thirsties for a little longer to see if they work when he's a little bigger?
I can't fathom the Size 2s fitting a 5 month old well. They were big on my DS when I bought them and he was 10 months old, have seen 2 year olds on here wearing size 1s. I know each kid is different re: size but I suspect they were just too big. Also, there was a huge gap for my DS re:Thirsties so I would hang onto them and see if they fit in another few weeks.
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