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Originally Posted by Squeaky McMurdo
How on earth did no one mention Scottish Eggs?! Probably the most popular food ever when they show up at Highland Games or any other gathering of Scots.

It's a hard boiled egg covered in sausage, dipped in raw egg, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried...or you can do them in the oven or in a frying pan.

I have to make them undercover or else they will either all be eaten the minute I pull them out or I will have company arrive unexpectedly due to the Hubby being overly excited and telling his brother and friends.

And I happen to like haggis. You don't need a sheep stomach to make it, just sausage casing. And the part of stuffing it with it's own innards comes from using the edible parts of the insides like heart, liver, and offal. Not intestines and stuff. lol. The Scottish have a reputation for being thrifty and what is more thrifty than using every possible edible part of an animal?
I saw those eggs, but I don't like eggs much so I decided against it.

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