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Re: Brand new/EUC XS NB BGs, BGs, GMs, Applecheeks, Kissaluv 0s, Thirsties, Lil Joeys

Originally Posted by BiscuitFarmer View Post
Darn, I realized I wasn't exactly specific. I was referring to the BGs. I really want to get my hands on an Albert. Which I'm now really sad about since they're all sold Omg. But which diapers are you considering EUC? I love the turquoise, purple, red, yellow, orange...

If Cooper04 bought all those Alberts, I'd appreciate if they would consider selling me just one. ;-)
Ah, I'm sorry. The Alberts were purchased by two separate people. The EUC diapers are in the second picture. I have only the new turquoise left and a light purple EUC, but have red, yellow and orange. Thanks !
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