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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

I totally agree, OP. DP never, ever gives her cell number to parents, & thankfully we haven't had any problems. She has had to, by necessity, give her number to a handful of students she has charge of on an overnight school trip (the kids are free to roam the amusement park, aquarium, or whatever & it's customary to give the kids her number).

There are a couple of well-known stalker-y parents in the school, in, will look up the teacher's home address on the property tax website, then drive by, just so they know where to find the teacher. We live in the same neighborhood as a couple of these types of parents & DP teaches their kids. I know they know where we live, b/c the kids ride their bikes or walk by frequently. Fortunately, the parents have not overstepped that boundary, but I've already let DP know that I'll handle it if either of those parents shows up at the door.
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