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Re: Doing anything fun for Thanksgiving??

We make these things every year (just did the first two on Monday and will do the mix next week):

Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys: I now make these with fudge stripe cookies and lindt's chocolate balls when we have the extra money. Creme drops and ritz crackers are the more economical version of them though!

Thanksgiving Candy Pilgrim Hats: When we make these, we don't use icing, but fruit leather strips/fruit roll-ups to use for the band and buckle.

Thanksgiving Party Blessing Mix:

Then we play a Turkey Hunt game (use a stuffed animal as a turkey and hide it while the children count. they have to be SUPER quiet when hunting turkeys while they search for it. whoever finds it first gets to hide it next if they want).

We made construction paper Native American hats and they cut lines in the feathers for cutting practice and to make it textured.

Oriental Trading Company has a good array of ideas for crafts (sometimes I borrow their ideas with things I already have from home and I buy from them a lot of times too). We made turkey paper plates the other day and later this week, we'll make turkey brown bag puppets.

Next week, I have turkey handprints craft planned. We do this every year and I laminate them and use them for placemats at Thanksgiving.

Then we watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Winnie the Pooh's Season of Giving (tday is in there too) for the little ones.
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