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I am so upset.** Pics on page 3**

I took my sweet 2 year old for a haircut yesterday. We have been to this place before and they have always had us done in 5 minutes and we've been happy with them. We keep his hair long-ish (until yesterday, anyway).

So, yesterday I had a bad feeling from the minute the girl walked up. She seemed uncomfortable, didn't really smile at us, and when she asked what I wanted done I said "I just want about an inch off all the way around, except his bangs and I just want those right above his eyebrows" She asked if I wanted it layered and I said I didn't want it to look like he had a bowl on his head, but I also didn't mean I wanted really HEAVY layers.

Well. SHE FREAKING BUTCHERED IT. She cut his bangs WAY too short, and they are completely uneven (this is NOT an exaggeration--I could have done better at home by myself). She attempted to get too fancy with layers in the back and ended up cutting a chunk out of his hair (so it's one length a couple of places and in the very center there is just a chunk missing). The back is not even AT ALL and looks very odd. The sides aren't cut the same, and there was no attempt at evenness. And, now his long hair is totally gone. he looks like someone else's kid (with a terrible haircut).

On top of that, it took her friggin' 30 minutes. Finally toward the end I got so annoyed I just said "Lady, you have 30 more seconds to be finished" and we walked out. I did tip her (I just can't not tip) and I didn't say anything because I was too upset. But today I am calling to tell them how angry I am. I had to pay $20 for the worst haircut I've ever seen on anyone, and it is my sweet baby and I'm so so so so so angry.

PLEASE calm me down. I know hair grows back out and I know it doesn't matter in the grand scheme and in 5 years I won't remember, blah blah blah but right this second I'm very upset and it's on top of my husband's grandad being hours from death and various other things going on in our lives and this one little thing did not HAVE to be bad but now it is and I SO regret having it cut yesterday. He just needed it out of his eyes! And now it's just a big freaking mess!
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