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Re: Your least favorite cliche said to parents?

I'm guilty of saying a lot of these things (It'll get better, this too shall pass, enjoy every minute it flies by, etc etc etc)... They are cliche' because they are often so true....BUT... that doesn't stop me from hating to be TOLD some things myself ;-)

The one I hate most is the "when are you having another" line. First it was "aren't you ever having kids??" and then I'd barely popped him out when people were bugging me about providing a sibling. Since when is my procreation anyone else's business, anyway??? If you want to work an extra job to feed an extra mouth in my family or ensure that I can stay home from work to take care of 2 kids instead of working full time with 2 kids in daycare then Sure, I'll consider it. Until then, shut up and mind your own business!!!

I HATE people telling me he "needs" a sibling to keep him company so he'll have someone to play with. And that a sibling will keep him from wanting ME to play with him constantly. UH. I'm willing to be that won't be the case for at LEAST the first 2 years, and during THAT time I'll have not one but TWO kids clambering for my constant attention and getting underfoot. I'm not saying I'll never want another but good grief, I don't plan to have another to make someone else happy!!

Off my soapbox ...
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