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Re: WWYD: Talking to kids about religion?

Mama, you've been given a great opportunity to educate without advocating. I'd stick to facts, and leave personal preferences and opinions out of the mix. That allows you to honestly answer her questions without advocating for any particular viewpoint.

I think it's awesome this little girl has questions, and that this mama is open to having someone share various viewpoints with her. I'm Christian, but I think it's EXTRAORDINARILY important to understand other religions beyond my own. For one thing, it helps me to evaluate what I believe, and how I interpret the Bible, and it challenges me to think more deeply about my faith. Faith that is afraid of learning about other religions is a shaky faith, in my opinion---it means you're afraid you might be swayed. If that makes any sense.

Any way, I'd just stick to answering questions without advocating. It's what you're trained to do as an academic. You'll do fine!!!
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