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Re: How close to due date did you keep working?

I know this is an old post but I cannot help but answer

With my first three I worked until I was 39 weeks. With #1 I went over by 10 days. #2 I delivered at 39 weeks. #3 del the day after my "last" day 39 weeks.

With baby #4 I really really wanted to work through my last weekend (39.5 weeks). I work in labor and delivery. I had TWO deliveries that day. Yes TWO. I worked hard lol. My pediatrician came in to eval babies around noon and said "wow you have dropped since yesterday!" My coworker put me on the monitor for her own peace of mind. I had two contractions in 30 minutes... so obviously NOT in labor. This was after lunch around 2pm. By 6pm I was starting to think maybe just maybe I was in labor. Some cramping, not hungry, a little cranky. I worked through my shift cause I actually came to work with my coworker. I punched out at 7:30 and by then I was breathing through contractions, she was afraid my water would break in her car! I got home, showered. Returned to the hospital... 9cm. My doc was a little miffed that I had even left the hospital but I wanted to see my kids, shower, get my stuff together. She missed the delivery (But hey she missed #3 too so it wasn't that much different).
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