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Re: need help helping a friend with a SN child. please!

Originally Posted by mekat View Post
Not that I know of, most parents with this problem custom make their own solution. Why aren't her feet strapped down to her foot rest if she is injuring herself? DS doesn't need his feet to be strapped in but we do strap them down for bus rides and appointments to keep him from kicking other people.

ETA: I stand corrected. I decided to Google it and I did find this.

and this

I guess since I have never seen them and my son attends a school where 50% of the population uses a wheelchair either insurance doesn't normally cover such an expense or they are not available in a pediatric wheelchair size.
I don't know why they don't strap her down. I think they would prefer not to restrict her movement if they can. I am not sure of the reasoning.

I looked at the links, but that is not where she is hitting her legs. She is managing to get her legs onto the outside of her chair and is ramming them against the metal bars. The bruises are on the insides of her legs.

Thank you so much, this was helpful.
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