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Re: Mommy Mistake - How To Fix? Took Away 5yo's Birthday Party

Yes, this is an ongoing issue. We handled her tantrum very, very poorly last night. I just don't learn. We are so flustered with it that we try everything to calm her and do dumb things in the process that don't work and never will work. We are both tired, our kids are sick and tired. It was a setup for failure.

I'm tired of failing, so I jotted down a list Do's and Don't's in relation to her tantrums that I can hopefully reference when I'm not thinking clearly.

I like the idea of the punishment swap. I might try it if I can get her in a good mood. She will turn on a dime, plug her ears, scream at me, and much more if the subject material isn't to her liking. We are going to talk (privately) with her ped at a well appt in a couple of weeks. He can set up a referal that we can use if we need to, but I don't want to put her in therapy if it's my shortcomings as a parent that make her the way she is.

I had also thought perhaps just a party on the night of her birthday with just us might be ok. As in, no grandparents or cousins. We don't do friend parties yet. Maybe just a cupcake and the birthday song instead of the princess cake she requested. MAYBE a small present, maybe not. I really should have chosen something else instead of her birthday. I am so dumb.

And then.....stay with me, I promise I'm almost done.....after DD finally fell asleep, I was so aggitated that I decided to pick a fight with my husband, too. I'm just so burnt out on being a constant caregiver to 3 kids and one adult without so much as a thanks. so yeah, I'm feeling like a rock star this morning.
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