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Re: Your least favorite cliche said to parents?

several of my least favorites have been mentioned here;

"you think THIS is bad, just wait for ______" - i know thank you. my life will only suck more in the future. i appreciate you handing me that shining ray of hope.

"sheesh. it's just one little baby. you think ONE baby is hard...imagine if you had more! someday you'll look back and wonder what you did with all your time when you ONLY had one" - this was my mom's favorite when ds was a baby. also a terrible baby, cried all the time, hated sleep. dh and i were zombies. looking back, i was seriously depressed and needed help. bad. but this was what i got. i don't think i had ppd in the "usual" sense. but it's hard not to be depressed when instead of sleeping, you're just listening to a screaming baby all the time. i never experienced any similar feelings with dd. but of course, she slept. and didn't cry every.single.second of the day. i feel for a lot of you with difficult babies.

we were pretty sure ds was going to be an only too for a long time. we just couldn't face it again. i spent the entire pregnancy with dd gearing myself up for the horror. her newborn days still weren't awesome, but they were livable. i know it's cliche, and doesn't really help while you're in the thick of it, but i DO often tell people who have difficult babies "it gets better" because really, that's what i felt i needed to hear when ds was a baby. and he DID get better. he is a delightful toddler and preschooler, although still high strung, and he still gets up more at night than my 5 month old. i dunno, i guess i hope telling those people about how i know how it is, and i was there too, but now things are better and i feel human again might help them just get through another day i try not to be condescending about it though. i hated that.

one last one, and this is a pregnancy one:

"you think you're tired NOW, just wait until you have a baby waking you up all night long! you should sleep while you can" - thanks. awesome. truth is, even with the colicky, screaming, non-sleeping newborn i got the first time around, i STILL felt more energized than i did while pregnant. puking for 9 months tires me out. what can i say. i hate being pregnant. it sucks. also, the majority of people who told me this were men. no doubt, they were better rested before the baby was born. it was their poor wives who were laying awake with insomnia and waking up to either pee or puke during the night. i'll continue to look forward to the end of pregnancy. thanks. it's not actually the difficult child that makes me not want more. i just really don't ever feel like being pregnant again. ever.
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