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Re: I am so upset.

Oy, I would be upset too!

We took DS to a small local chain that sort of looks like cookie cutters (they have toy cars they sit in, tv's, etc). It's about a 20 minute drive for us in a neighboring town, but I had bought one of those living social deals for half off a first cut package, it was a good deal and he was due for his first cut. The owner of the place actually was who we got. She did an AWESOME job with DS and he loved it. We took him back a couple months later for a trim, and got a different girl who didn't do as bad a job as yours did, but it wasn't great either. After that, I started requesting the owner.

Now, nearly a year later, I am afraid to go somewhere else (such as cookie cutters, which is literally right next door to BRU in an area we are in probably every other week because of the shops there and restaurants there that we like). Our CC's get bad reviews and I'm so afraid to try somewhere else. I also feel a bit of loyalty to this other place because they've treated us so well. It just stinks having to drive over 20 minutes (with gas prices the way they are, I don't mind the time so much) to get a toddlers hair cut.

I would call and complain, and see what their response is. I would expect an offer of a free haircut by someone else. Can they look up who did the first cut so you can request that person? For our DS's first cut, we didn't remember her name and didn't know at the time that she was the owner, so after the bad second cut we asked if they could look up who did the first cut. They had it on the computer system and told us so we just request her name and book an appt.

It will grow out, I know you know that, but I understand that it stinks in the meantime.

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