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Not that there isnt one out there, but I haven't heard of something that will combine everything you are looking for. Specifically, I have never seen a daily scheduled curriculum that has outings and field trips scheduled. I believe it is because there is too much variability in what surrounds people weather and activity wise for it to be feasible.

When looking for a new curriculum, I would question, in what ways is your child advance and in need of more challenge? Is she at a higher level in math or reading or is she just ready for more and deeper content or is it all of these? Many young children will be advanced in one or two areas, but not all of them and if that is the case you might want to consider a piecemeal approach to better meet where she is at.

With many programs it is easy to leave out religion or substitute you own (this isn't the case with all of them so get samples if you can) If you might consider things without a daily schedule, I'd suggest looking at The Well Trained Mind recommendations or maybe Five in A Row (which kind of has a schedule), but neither cover all subjects. Hopefully you will find a good fit for you and your daughter.
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